Thursday, November 17, 2011

Almost Goodbye

As my title says, this post is entitled, "almost goodbye."  I'm just a few days away from leaving Korea...this time for good.  After almost two years in the amazing country of Korea, my time is almost over.  A few more days of teaching my adorable itty bitties, spending time with my phenomenal boyfriend and friends and eating as much Korean food as my body can handle.

It's hard to believe that just 21 months ago, I was writing on here about how I was ready to start my journey into Korea.  I was ready to start my journey in a place that was unknown to me.  A place that terrified me.   Here I am now, all those months later, and my entire outlook has changed.  The place that was unknown has been explored and adventures have been had in dozens of Korean cities and surrounding islands or countries.  The place that formerly terrified me now astounds me in its ever-changing beauty and culture.

In my time in Korea I have made amazing friends, met the love of my life and had adventures that people would only dream of.  I always say that pictures are worth a thousand words but in this case I think they can nicely sum up year two in Korea.  Year one was documented here for anyone who missed that one.  Thanks for the memories Korea.  Now i'm finally ready for the next chapter of my life to start.

At the "Pohang's Got Crabs" dinner

Making snowmen during a freak snowstorm

At game night/potluck at Frank's house

With two of my favorite girls, Anna and Yuna

With my Virginia

Rocking out at 80's night with two of my favorite girls, Alissa and Claire

At Tim's going away dinner with Schinsky, Nick Kelly and Tim

With my private students on my last night
Bosok, Nick, James, Kelly, Krystal and Blue Steel

Representing the green for St. Patrick's Day
Olya, Claire, Sarah and Amber

In Seoul for a girls weekend
Sarah Willey, Sarah King and Kristina

My birthday with some amazing women
Tanya, Phalan, Gayle, Heather, Larina, Jane and Lia

Our first cookout with the Marines
Dan, Alissa, Matt, Anna, Megan and O'Malley

Stuck in the elevator in Busan for Matt's last night in Korea
Leighton, Kennedy, Dan, Megan and Matt

On base for Disney pancake day

Out for a motorcycle ride with the boys and two of my best girls
Megan, Kennedy,  Matt, Dan and Alissa

At a waterfall at OK Mountain during a motorcycle ride
Anna, Claire, Megan, Alissa, Chris, Teagan, Mike, Kory, Nick and Schinsky

At the Steelers game
Teagan, Finity, Anna, Ryan, Claire, Tanya and Nick

Waiting at the airport for our flight to Jeju Island

At Hanlim Park

At Jeju Island's Loveland

At LiveStory with a bunch of friends to see Kevin again while he's in town
Ramella, Pat, Leigh, Kevin and Emily

At Sunrise Park for sunrise

At a cookout in Odo Beach with the whole crew

Our Busan vacation

In Seoul with Dan to see Tristen from high school

A summer night at Nick Kelly's
Claire, Alissa, Leigh, Josh and Emily

At LiveStory with my girls
Christy, Anna and Emily

At the Busan Lantern festival with my sweetie

At Haesan's Wedding

At our motorcycle photoshoot

Gyeongju World
Kennedy, Japan Dan, Sarah, Dan, Leighton and Alisa

With all my little monsters on a field trip

Princess Peach and Mario on Halloween

With all my little munchkins on Halloween

At our "engagement" photo shoot

My favorite one

At my first (of many) military balls

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