Thursday, February 17, 2011

Description of Jenn Teacher

Today I taught a lesson to my 3C class (students between 10-11 years old) on how to write a description of a person, place or thing.  The lesson explained how to describe people and my students decided they wanted to write a description about yours truly.  I knew their descriptions of me would be colorful and quite imaginative so I agreed. What I was not counting on was the extrodinary amount of suck ups that my class holds.  Do I honestly care that I was told repeatedly that I was beautiful (a model I am certainly not) or thin (in my dreams)?  Not in the slightest.

Each student got some American chocolate and big hug as they were leaving.  I'm easy to please and compliments go a long way to put a smile on this tired teacher's face.

The boys of 3C:  Edward, Robbie, Michael and Zeki

The girls of 3C: Esther, Elly and Tiffany

The following is their unedited description of me.  Enjoy.

She is beautiful.
She is tall.
She is smart.
She has sand brown hair and blue happy eyes.
She likes samguypsal and chocolate.
She has a clean face.
She wants a vacation.
She wants to raise a panda.
She is wearing a black shirt.
She is thin like a flower.
She is a Kids College teacher.
She can speak English very well.
She likes her mom.
She likes games.
She gives chocolate.
She has favorite students.
She likes to swim.
She broke her leg last summer.
Her name is Jennifer Teacher.
She yells "No Korean" at Robbie everyday.
She studies Korean because she doesn't know it.
Sometimes she smells like flowers.
She likes red.
She has many friends but no boyfriend.
She has a nose ring.
She has many silver rings on her face.
She drives a car in America but not in Korea.
She is from America.
She is kind.
She is angry sometimes.
She has long hair like a pony.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

The week before my little vacation I spent a few hours attempting to fly kites with the itty bitties.  Here are a few of the cutest pictures of that particular afternoon.

The kids attempting to pay attention during the Korean translation

Sunny can't quite get it off the ground

Ryan ran with his kite everywhere

The girls like the kite tails the best

My Korean staff decided that Smile, a little BOY,
would look cute with the tail being used as a bow in his hair

He did not like it

Sometimes a hug and a kiss just makes it all better

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It Rarely Snows in Pohang.

So it looks like I brought the snow and ice from the Midwest back to Korea with me.  Sorry people of Pohang. My first day back resulted in a day off from school due to the snow that is so unusual in my neck of the woods.  Day number two is much of the same.  Two whole days off to recuperate.  Thank you thank you thank you.  The only downside to this blessing in disguise is the punishment that is in disguise as well.  Due to the fact that we can apparently control mother nature, we have to make up these days on Saturday.  Yes, Saturday.  One of the only days of the week where I am free from the munchkins and my less than cooperative coworkers.

My days off are including some much needed sleep and some even more needed cleaning around my pig stye of an apartment. Two huge suitcases to unpack.  Clothes to put away and yes Mom, I know I need to iron them.  Apartment organizing yet to be finished.  Working out to be done.  Clearly my to do list will keep me more than occupied.

Here are a few pictures of our most recent winter wonderland.  Not quite as entertaining as the previous pictures with the mohawked snowmen from the first snowday but interesting nonetheless.

My alley with an actual walkway 

Enough snow.  I want spring!

It's not a snow shovel, but a garden spade is a far cry
from the cardboard and dustpans used in the last snowstorm.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

There and Back Again

Somehow it is already February 12th and I am started on my looonnngg journey back to Pohang.  My 11 day vacation from all things Korean is over and I am trying to get back to the right frame of mind to teach the itty bitties come Monday morning.

Now what did I do during my almost 2 week of bliss?  It all began at the Indianapolis airport.  After my combined 20 hours of traveling I looked down the tunnel to the public area to see my family with a huge balloon boquet.  I did that ever so cliché run that you see on the sappy romance comedies where the woman runs and cries from the gate into the arms of her husband/mother/father/complete stranger.  I didn't really believe I was home until I ran straight into the arms of my family.  There's just nothing quite like it. 

The next part of my trip was of me trying to cram as much western food as humanly possibly into my previously western food free stomach.  We're talking Subway, sloppy joes, homemade cookies, more fountain diet coke than any human being should drink, obnoxious quanities of real cheese and so much more. Oh, and did I mention this was all on the first day?!  Let's just say that even though my tastebuds went into did my digestive system.  Not fun but utterly worth it.  Mmmmmm cheese.

After a proper and fantastic haircut done by someone who speaks English as a first language (Thanks Jason!) I was able to spend time with a few of my Muncie friends.  A relaxing night at the Chug, one of my favorite bars during college, with my girls and crew from Chilis was definietely a highlight of my trip.  It's nice knowing that even after not seeing some of my dearest friends for a year, nothing has changed.

Just a few of my crew that made the visit so amazing

My first weekend home was spent in Michigan to see my little sister Angela.  We ate tons of food, with cheese as the main ingredient (naturally), played Mexican Train (if you don't know how to play it learn as soon as humanly possible) and played a years worth of catch up.  One of the biggest pieces of news I received was that I was going to be an Auntie!  My older sister Stacey is going to be a mommy and is due in August.  We're still not sure if she's having a girl or a boy (I think it'll be a boy) but I'm just so excited.  It's been decided that i'll be the cool auntie that takes him (or her) on fun trips.  Okay okay, when I say "it's been decided" I mean that I have decided this.  Let's face it people, i'm not exactly the disciplinarian.  Fun Auntie Jenn it is.   Let's just hope he's not like Grandma Joan and doesn't have an intense aversion to intercontinenal flying.  Fingers crossed.  Congratulations Stacey and Ross.  You will be amazing parents!

The family finally together again

Another extended part of my family, The Brewers.

The rest of my trip passed without much excitement.  I got to sleep in, eat whatever I wanted (whenever I wanted), go shopping (I may have developed a shopping problem) and got to see as many friends from around the city as I could.  Looking back on my whirlwind trip I realize that my favorite parts were the ordinary ones.  Starbucks and shopping with Mom.  A dinner with Dad, just the two of us.  Taking family pictures with the whole family.  Getting hugged by all the little daycare kids.  Having hundreds of channels at my disposal and having all of them in English.  All that beautiful cheese. Clearly it doesn't take a whole lot to thrill me.

One of my favorite daycare kiddies, Connor

And another one of my favorites, Jake, in his Korea soccer jersey.
Ya think I got it a little big?
Well, now I am in the Detroit airport waiting on the big flight that will take me home to Pohang.  While leaving my parents was hard, it was so much easier than the first time.  This time I knew what to expect and how to handle it all.  If the next 9 months (almost to the date) pass as quickly as the first year did I will be home again before anyone realizes it.  

Farewell Amurica.  See you in November.