Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why I Hate Dell and Love Apple

There is a reason to my lack of bloggy-blog-blogging lately.  My nearly 2 year old computer has bitten the dust.  I bought it back in February of 2010, ready to take it on the adventure I was undertaking in Korea.  In the short time i've had it, i've had to complete wipe it down (twice), bribe a friend to completely put it back to factory settings and install the software, again(Thanks Kyle) and spend more than an hour with a Dell Support guy who informed me that the motherboard (what the hell is that?!) is fried and the only thing he can do is to charge me $220 for an assessment once I get home.  That's right folks.  An ASSESSMENT.  He will charge me that much money just to tell me that the motherboard is fried.  He doesn't fix it.  He doesn't perform any Dell Support magic that will retrieve my files.  He just forces me to cough out $220 and then pay even more money to get a NEW motherboard for my computer which will end up costing the equivalent to a new computer once it is said and done.

If you can't tell...i'm fed up with Dell.  In the 5 years (yes folks, 5 years) that I had my old school Apple Laptop, I never had a SINGLE problem.  I didn't have viruses.  It didn't shut down on me.  The "motherboard" (i'm not convinced it's a real thing) didn't fry.  The only reason why I switched to a PC is because I knew my little apple girl wouldn't make the trek to Korea very well and Best Buy was running a special on PC laptops.  She (yes, it was a girl) was older, running slowly and I didn't want to mess with buying a new computer in Korea on the off chance that she would go kaput.

In the beginning, my little Apple girl cost about $1200.  I paid close to $750 for my Dell piece of shit.  The apple lasted me 5 years.  The Dell lasted me less than 2.  You do the math.

I guess it's true what they say.  In the end, quality beats quantity every day of the week.  You can be sure of one thing, my next computer will not be a Dell.  I am an all-the way Apple user from here on out.  Sure it may be a little expensive at first but as you can clearly see from the above's clearly worth it.

Here is my dream computer that will (hopefully) become a reality here in a few weeks once I return stateside.


  1. Sorry about the Dell. They have been good to me. The company is now getting new Lovono ThinkPads. (Used to be IBM) When you get home, I hope you will let me go to the Apple store with you.

  2. I'm with ya Jenn! Except my issues were with my Gateway I had years ago. I have had my current Mac for going on 6 years and it runs just like the day it was born in Taiwan. (Not sure where it was really born =) CANT WAIT FOR YOU TO COME HOME!!!!