Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2011 Marine Corps Ball

On November 12th, I attended my very first Marine Corps Ball.  It was held in Seoul, South Korea and was a night I will never forget.

Before leaving for the big night
As many of you know, my wonderful boyfriend Dan is a Marine and I was so excited to be part of his night to celebrate such an amazing organization.  Since Dan and I have been dating I have learned so much about the military and exactly what the Marine Corps does to keep people safe.  This year marked the 236th anniversary of one of the most prestigious and proud military organizations in the world.  He has taught me about exactly what the Marine Corps does and how it is varies from the Navy, Army or Air Force.  After everything i've learned, i've become even prouder (if that's possible) to  be the girlfriend of a Marine.

Well, now that you know how I feel about the Marine Corps, let's talk about the actual ball.  After a somewhat stressful journey to get to our hotel (the buses to Seoul were sold out) we were dressed to impress and out the door on our way to meet up with the rest of Dan's unit.  We hopped on a bus with the rest of the Marines and headed to the hotel that held the big event.

We arrived at the hotel and saw hundreds of people dressed in their finest.  The men and women there representing the Marine Corps in their finest dress blues, their dates in their best attire and every other important person in attendance looking their best.  The decorations were beautiful, the food at dinner was delectable and the company incomparable.

The majority of the guys from the Mujuk Ordnance Unit

My favorites from that night:  Kennedy, Alisa, Dan and I

We had an amazing night.  After eating and drinking to excess we hit the dance floor.  Watching all of the high ranking officers do the electric slide or get their groove on with their dates was one of the most amusing parts of the night.  With (hopefully) many more Marine Corps Balls to come for me it's hard to know how any of them will top this one.  I was so lucky to be able to be part of Dan's special night and finally see face-to-face how proud the men and women of the Marine Corps are of their organization.  Congratulations Marines on 236 years of amazing service to our country.

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